This puppy pic is of a cute Miniature Pinscher named Lucas. He is one year old and was rescued from the street where he almost got hit by multiple cars! He was running across the street with his sister at the time and luckily they both made it across the street unharmed. He couldn't go with his sister but they both went to good loving homes. As a result of his past, he is very shy and nervous, especially around new people. But once he gets to know you he is the sweetest puppy and loves to give kisses until the cows come home. This is just one more reason to have your dogs spayed or neutered and to rescue dogs instead of going to a pet store. There are too many dogs without loving homes that need to be rescued. So next time you are looking to get a new dog, or Ben if you aren't, rescue a dog from the pound or anywhere else to save a life.


Summertime is a time when many families take vacations, but don't forget the four legged family members when you leave home. If you are taking a road trip you can put your dog in a carrying crate that fits in the car. Many hotels allow pets so call around or look online for pay friendly places to stay. Make sure you allow your dog to go outside to relieve herself periodically. The best thing for your dog is to bring her with the family on vacation. Dogs don't like to e separated from their families so they will be happiest if the can come along. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to fly or go to other counties with a pet or you may not be able to bring your dog with you to where you plan on staying. In this case make sure your dog is taken care of before you leave. Make sure there is enough water and food for the entire length of the trip. If possible have a friend or family member come by frequently to check on your dog and refill his water and food bowls. Another option is to bring your dog to a doggy hotel, or kennel. They will give your dog food and water on a regular basis and even take him out for exercise. But remember that your dog will be stuck in a crate almost all day with other dogs around barking constantly. Your dog will be safe sound but might get bored and anxious.

Whatever you do, don't other your dog while you are in vacation. Make sure that she will have plenty of water and food and be able to relieve herself. And if possible exercise too. I you wouldn't leave a child at home with no food or water and no supervision, so don't do it with your dog either.


The summertime is especially hard for dogs. They can't sweat and they have a layer of fur around their entire body. Short haired dogs need help to stay cool, but long haired dogs need extra special attention to make sure they don't overheat in the hot summer weather. It is a good idea have your long haired dog groomed at the beginning of summer to keep his coat thin and light for the upcoming summer months. No matter what type of hair your dog may have,it is cruel to leave your dogs outside if the weather is above 85 or 90 degrees, so let them stay inside if possible. If you are worried about your dog having accidents inside, install a doggy-door so that he can go in and out as he pleases. If your dog spends any amount of time outside you need to put a large bowl outside with water and make sure there is always adequate amounts of water. Remember that water evaporates especially in the hot sun so it will dry up fast even if your dog doesn't touch it. If your dog must be outside you should consider installing a mister system. Also make sure that there is always a shaded area for your dog lay in. Don't assume that because you see shade in the morning that it will be there all day, check at different times of the day to make sure that there is always shade. If not you should have a dog house or some other type of structure to shelter your dog from the sun. I've even seen some people who experience 110+ degree days install air conditioners and swamp coolers in their dog houses. Another way to help your pooch keep cool is to feed him cold treats. One way is to freeze peanut butter or banana pieces to feed to your dog. Some dogs like ice cubes too, they enjoy biting and chewing on ice and it keeps them cool too. Another good idea is to walk your dog at times when it isn't so hot out, like at dusk or dawn. And when you do walk your dog during the summer it is a good idea to bring water with you for both you and your dog to drink. There are special water containers for your dog to drink from on the go which reduce spillage and make it easier for a dog to drink.

So next time you see your dog panting immensely an it is got outside, remember that dogs can't sweat and the only way to cool themselves is through their tongue. Don't keep your dog outside for more than an hour when it's hot, or more than 30 minutes if it is really hot. And never leve your dog in a car when it is hot out, especially if the windows are up! The inside of a car can easily reach 140 degrees or more and it can be harmful and even fatal to animals. Alway treat your dog like you would a child, keep them cool at all times otherwise they found be hurt or even end up dead if they get too hot.


All dogs need regular shots from the time they are puppies until the grow old. Vaccinations help keep your dog healthy and protects him or her from getting dangerous and deadly diseases including parvo and rabies. Most people go to their local veterinarian to get shots for their puppies. But now there is another option.

Instead of paying your vet to give your dog shots, you can simply buy the vaccine shots in premeasured syringes ready to administer to your dog. Don't be afraid though, they are very easy to use. You simply grab some loose skin and insert the needle quickly and push the plunger to inject. If you distract your dog, with a treat or toy or having somebody hold and pet him or her while you give the shot it should be almost unnoticeable. Most dogs don't even feel it, and since you do it at home by yourself your dog will be calmer than at the vet's office. Some smaller dogs might be a little harder to vaccinate but it is still pretty simple. When it comes to arger dogs, they usually don't even notice when they get their shots so you can do it quickly and easily.

Vaccines can be purchased at many pet stores or online. You can get an entire set if you have a puppy that needs the first set of shots, or you can buy then individually if you have an older dog that just needs booster shots for one or two vaccines. And since they come in the syringes you don't have to worry about getting the right amount or anything like that. You don't even need to find a vein or anything like that, just find some loose skins such as the scruff behind the neck and inject the vaccine. Depending on where you buy the shots and how much your vet charges, you can save a good amount. Usually it costs less than half as much for the shots alone if you administer them yourself compared to paying the vet to do it for you. So whether you have a newborn puppy or an older dog, you can save money by giving your dog vaccines by yourself at home. If you have multiple dogs then you can save even more money!


One way that people house train their new puppies is with puppy potty pads. These are special pads that have a special scent that tell you dog to go to the bathroom on them. They are also very absorbent so they soak up everything that your dog leaves behind. They are very effective for newborn and young dogs to train them where to go. Once they learn to go on the potty pads, you can start to move the pads to where you want your puppy to relieve him or herself. For instance if you want your puppy to go to the bathroom in the grass then you would start to bring the pads outside and put them in the grass and take your puppy out regularly so when the time comes he or she will know where to go.

If you live in a place where you can't easily go outside regularly or there isn't any grass or anywhere for your puppy to go potty then puppy pads can be used for a full time solution for your dog. This is ideal for people who live in apartments or in a large city. Potty pads are much cleaner and more sanitary than using newspapers or something similar, and they are easier to dispose of as well. Just pick them up and throw them in the trash. Then all you need to do is put out a fresh pad.

Puppy pads are inexpensive and you can get them for even less if you buy them in bulk. They are available at any pet supply store and many large superstores but they are cheaper if ordered online. And since they don't weigh much shipping is usually very cheap too. Some online retailers offer free shipping, making them even more of a value.


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