The summertime is especially hard for dogs. They can't sweat and they have a layer of fur around their entire body. Short haired dogs need help to stay cool, but long haired dogs need extra special attention to make sure they don't overheat in the hot summer weather. It is a good idea have your long haired dog groomed at the beginning of summer to keep his coat thin and light for the upcoming summer months. No matter what type of hair your dog may have,it is cruel to leave your dogs outside if the weather is above 85 or 90 degrees, so let them stay inside if possible. If you are worried about your dog having accidents inside, install a doggy-door so that he can go in and out as he pleases. If your dog spends any amount of time outside you need to put a large bowl outside with water and make sure there is always adequate amounts of water. Remember that water evaporates especially in the hot sun so it will dry up fast even if your dog doesn't touch it. If your dog must be outside you should consider installing a mister system. Also make sure that there is always a shaded area for your dog lay in. Don't assume that because you see shade in the morning that it will be there all day, check at different times of the day to make sure that there is always shade. If not you should have a dog house or some other type of structure to shelter your dog from the sun. I've even seen some people who experience 110+ degree days install air conditioners and swamp coolers in their dog houses. Another way to help your pooch keep cool is to feed him cold treats. One way is to freeze peanut butter or banana pieces to feed to your dog. Some dogs like ice cubes too, they enjoy biting and chewing on ice and it keeps them cool too. Another good idea is to walk your dog at times when it isn't so hot out, like at dusk or dawn. And when you do walk your dog during the summer it is a good idea to bring water with you for both you and your dog to drink. There are special water containers for your dog to drink from on the go which reduce spillage and make it easier for a dog to drink.

So next time you see your dog panting immensely an it is got outside, remember that dogs can't sweat and the only way to cool themselves is through their tongue. Don't keep your dog outside for more than an hour when it's hot, or more than 30 minutes if it is really hot. And never leve your dog in a car when it is hot out, especially if the windows are up! The inside of a car can easily reach 140 degrees or more and it can be harmful and even fatal to animals. Alway treat your dog like you would a child, keep them cool at all times otherwise they found be hurt or even end up dead if they get too hot.



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