One way that people house train their new puppies is with puppy potty pads. These are special pads that have a special scent that tell you dog to go to the bathroom on them. They are also very absorbent so they soak up everything that your dog leaves behind. They are very effective for newborn and young dogs to train them where to go. Once they learn to go on the potty pads, you can start to move the pads to where you want your puppy to relieve him or herself. For instance if you want your puppy to go to the bathroom in the grass then you would start to bring the pads outside and put them in the grass and take your puppy out regularly so when the time comes he or she will know where to go.

If you live in a place where you can't easily go outside regularly or there isn't any grass or anywhere for your puppy to go potty then puppy pads can be used for a full time solution for your dog. This is ideal for people who live in apartments or in a large city. Potty pads are much cleaner and more sanitary than using newspapers or something similar, and they are easier to dispose of as well. Just pick them up and throw them in the trash. Then all you need to do is put out a fresh pad.

Puppy pads are inexpensive and you can get them for even less if you buy them in bulk. They are available at any pet supply store and many large superstores but they are cheaper if ordered online. And since they don't weigh much shipping is usually very cheap too. Some online retailers offer free shipping, making them even more of a value.



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