All dogs need regular shots from the time they are puppies until the grow old. Vaccinations help keep your dog healthy and protects him or her from getting dangerous and deadly diseases including parvo and rabies. Most people go to their local veterinarian to get shots for their puppies. But now there is another option.

Instead of paying your vet to give your dog shots, you can simply buy the vaccine shots in premeasured syringes ready to administer to your dog. Don't be afraid though, they are very easy to use. You simply grab some loose skin and insert the needle quickly and push the plunger to inject. If you distract your dog, with a treat or toy or having somebody hold and pet him or her while you give the shot it should be almost unnoticeable. Most dogs don't even feel it, and since you do it at home by yourself your dog will be calmer than at the vet's office. Some smaller dogs might be a little harder to vaccinate but it is still pretty simple. When it comes to arger dogs, they usually don't even notice when they get their shots so you can do it quickly and easily.

Vaccines can be purchased at many pet stores or online. You can get an entire set if you have a puppy that needs the first set of shots, or you can buy then individually if you have an older dog that just needs booster shots for one or two vaccines. And since they come in the syringes you don't have to worry about getting the right amount or anything like that. You don't even need to find a vein or anything like that, just find some loose skins such as the scruff behind the neck and inject the vaccine. Depending on where you buy the shots and how much your vet charges, you can save a good amount. Usually it costs less than half as much for the shots alone if you administer them yourself compared to paying the vet to do it for you. So whether you have a newborn puppy or an older dog, you can save money by giving your dog vaccines by yourself at home. If you have multiple dogs then you can save even more money!



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