This puppy pic is of a cute Miniature Pinscher named Lucas. He is one year old and was rescued from the street where he almost got hit by multiple cars! He was running across the street with his sister at the time and luckily they both made it across the street unharmed. He couldn't go with his sister but they both went to good loving homes. As a result of his past, he is very shy and nervous, especially around new people. But once he gets to know you he is the sweetest puppy and loves to give kisses until the cows come home. This is just one more reason to have your dogs spayed or neutered and to rescue dogs instead of going to a pet store. There are too many dogs without loving homes that need to be rescued. So next time you are looking to get a new dog, or Ben if you aren't, rescue a dog from the pound or anywhere else to save a life.



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